How to order

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How to order custom made products?

Request a design consultation

Do you have any problem with heating, antifreeze or heat insulation? Feel free to contact us!


After your contact, we would have a face-to-face meeting with customers for hearing the details such as requirements and conditions.

Designing a product and offering you a deal

Based on your requests, we design a best solution to solve your problem and we offer you a deal via in person, telephone, FAX or email.

Make an order

We would accept an order after your careful consideration to our offerings. We could provide not only a large number of products but also only one item order.


Our professionals make your products based on our know-how and long-year-cultivated expertise. With sincerity we make every product with transforming advanced technologies into tenderness.


After accomplishing manufacturing process, we would pack the products carefully and deliver to you.


We think it is not a goal when we deliver the product to customers. We would do the best follow-through service as long as you are using our products. If you have some question or concerns about installation, how to use or out of order, please feel free to contact us!