Temperature controller

INDUSTRY EXPO Virtual Exhibition (ThreeHigh: ZONE2 E17)

Digital temperature controller monoOne-120

(Utility model patent obtained)
This is the latest model from monoOne-100/100T.

  • In stock
  • Made in Japan
  • RoHS conform
  • Easy using, safety and compact design, everyone can control temperature in very easy way.
  • Can handle almost all sensors (except thermistor)
  • By attaching a base stand, worker can operate the controller on a chair in comfortable position.
  • Optional: timer for switching power in between hundred hours
  • Optional: an attachment for DIN rail mounting
  • First in the industry! monoOne can monitor also the objects to be heated. Workers can use the device without any concerns.

The first in the industry, we offer five year long product’s warranty.

*This image is included these options, the timer and the base stand.

Our product’s features

Standard equipment

Monitoring feature
(including a function which avoid too much heated up)

monoOne can control the heaters temperature, at the same time, it monitors the objects to be heated. It is useful to control the actual temperature by acquiring two data sources. Even though the object to be heated has a distance from the controller, workers can easily grasp with actual temperature.

Error function

It has an error port to tell you unexpected error, for example, heating wire and/or sensor wire is damaged. The error port can be connected to a buzzer or a signal light. By announcing the error to workers quickly, people can work in safe environment anytime.
*Some additional configurations are required

Optional features

Timer function (+¥2,000)

This could let you cut waste of time by setting ON-OFF timer in one minute increments (maximum in a hundred hours)

DIN rail mounting (+¥800)

You could put this controller to DIN rail. This is good for installing to control panels.

Base stand for optimizing the visibility (+¥2,000)

You could adjust five different angles. It’s so easy to have a great visibility.

Power cable and thermal sensors are not included.

We would happy to show the solution.